What’s A Turnkey Business?

“Turnkey” is a word that seems to have gained a great deal of popularity lately.

The question is “What’s a Turnkey?”

In conversations everywhere from the dinner table to the boardroom, the word “turnkey” sure is being thrown around a lot lately. This has left some of us scratching our heads and asking the question, “What’s a Turnkey?”.

A word your great uncle would have used to describe a prison guard has found itself a new purpose in the English language. Over the course of the last decade, this word has seen more and more frequent use in discussions focused on business. Or more specifically the buying or selling of a business.

According to Investopedia, a turnkey business is one “that is ready to use, existing in a condition that allows for immediate operation”. A turnkey business is based upon the idea that you need only turn the key and open the door to your new business. Although not an entirely new concept this practice truly boomed with the introduction of the internet and e-commerce in the mid-1990’s. Up to that point starting a company required access to resources and relatively large investments of both time and money. Traditional businesses were generally associated with a brick and mortar, physical location. Then suddenly anyone with the ability to code HTML (the de facto programing language of websites) could have a legitimate business running in a matter of weeks or even days. This gave rise to countless online stores being created and brought to market for those eager to participate in the emerging world of e-commerce. The phrase “business in a box” is another that is often used on the subject. Over time use of word turnkey spread and now it is generally accepted to describe any business that is sold as a complete and operational unit.

A true turnkey business includes the equipment, tools, and training required to begin and build your business.

One all too common misunderstanding is that a turnkey business must be the same thing as a franchise. That is not so. While the two do share some similarities there are also several significant differences. We go into detail on that subject in another post that you are most welcome to have a look at by clicking here.

Let’s Clean Blinds, LLC offers a true turnkey business opportunity with a proven business system. Your purchased program includes the equipment and training necessary to successfully own and operate a highly profitable blind cleaning, installation, and repair business. An opportunity like this gives you the freedom to cultivate your own clients, set your own hours and make your own business decisions. Tried and true, Let’s Clean Blinds, LLC works with you to make your business a success. If you are ready to build your business, it is as simple as turning a key.

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