Meet Theresa Asano, Founder Of The Let’s Clean Blinds Turnkey Business Opportunity

Let’s Clean Blinds is the latest in a long history of successful business ventures for Theresa Asano. Developed out of a need for qualified blind cleaning options in their maid service, the Asanos spent years developing the program. It did not take long for them to realize what a perfect business opportunity they had on their hands.

In 1977, started a residential cleaning service to raise money for a tutoring program she and her husband were running for children with learning disabilities. They needed more computers to expand the program and after a bad experience with a cleaning company, Theresa decided that she could operate a successful cleaning service. That year, they grossed $86,000 of which 35% went directly to helping the kids in the tutoring program. Theresa, along with her late husband Al, even received a letter from, then First Lady, Nancy Ragan in commendation of the work that they had done with children.

Theresa ventured into franchising her cleaning service, and that is when Maid Services of America was launched. After 5 years in franchising, Theresa decided that there must be a better way to offer the business training, without all the fees, restriction, and limitations placed on those that were purchasing from her. The Asanos decided to switch the business model away from franchising and into a Business Opportunity. Gathering all of the franchisees together they had a contract burning party and celebrated with a cruise. Maid Services of America is still in operation internationally.

In 1993, Let’s Clean Blinds was started. While running their maid service business, they ran into a setback. They had no easy way of cleaning blinds. They used to clean them the old-fashioned way in the tub and over the clothes line. The work was difficult, and the customers didn’t want to pay what the job was worth. These maids had cleaned some of the dirtiest jobs imaginable, but they hated cleaning blinds. So, they quit cleaning blinds.

Theresa took the knowledge she had gained in developing a hugely successful Maid Service Business Opportunity and used that to develop a Blind Cleaning and Repair Business Opportunity. It took 3 years to research, develop, and test the system, but in 1993 Let’s Clean Blinds was born. During the process of developing the program Theresa realized that there was actually a 4-level model to the business; Cleaning, Repairing, Selling, and Installing. This 4-level business model is unique to Let’s Clean Blinds and is one of many things that give our clients an edge on the “competition”.

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