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Good News!  You don’t have to start from scratch to have your own business.  

According to the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) the key to a successful business is to: “Start With A Proven System”.  Any new business venture can be overwhelming and the potential for failure does exist.  But you are in luck!  Let’s Clean Blinds has already taken the risks, and spent the money to develop our turnkey business opportunity so that you don’t have to.  We’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to start their own business for over 40 years.  Our clients are successful because they start with a proven system.  A tried and true, step by step, program that works from the very first day.  While attending our intensive, three day, training classes in Atlanta, GA you will learn from our experts everything you need to run your new business.  You will also receive copies of all the instructional DVDs and training manuals that are yours to keep and refer to anytime you need.  We are so committed to your success that the level of support we provide is just too much to try to tell you here…so……

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Our turnkey business opportunity is a step-by-step plan that will allow you to build a rock solid foundation and our comprehensive training provides you with detailed information concerning every area of operation.



You will learn how to clean a blind in just 90 seconds, using our secret formula. This will allow you to service multiple accounts per day in a fraction of the time it would normally take.



Your customers have invested a lot of money in their window coverings and you will be there to help keep the blinds, shades, and shutters in proper working order.

Sell & Install

Sell & Install

Rounding out the business model are sales and installation. You will truly be a one stop shop for all of your customer's needs when it comes to their blinds, shades, and shutters.

Steps To Small Business Ownership With Let's Clean Blinds

Kind Words From Some Of Our Clients

What people are saying about their experience with us...

We just wanted to say thanks for an incredible three days of training this past weekend. The business strategy, as well as the hands-on training was well done!
The Carroll's
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this business so that others like me could change their lives for the better.
Kimberly Morgan
I purchased your program and it was the best money I've ever spent! My business is booming.
Patrice Thomas
I want to tell you I love my business! It's perfect for me and my family.
Renee Andrews

Brands Built On The Let's Clean Blinds Turnkey Business Opportunity Include...

Are you looking to open a business but don't know where to start? Let's Clean Blinds offers a unique, non-franchise, turnkey business opportunity and will guide you through every single little step of the process to get you making six figures a year.

Own A Blind Cleaning And Repair Business Without Ongoing Franchise Fees Or Royalties.

Take The Steps To Becoming The Owner Of Your Own Business.

This is not a franchise. It’s so much more and so much better.  Typical franchise opportunities are loaded with rules and regulations that you must obey. There are strict specifications and detailed purchasing programs that franchisees must follow and fees that must be paid.  All of it seems designed to divert money from your pockets back to the franchising corporation.  It just doesn’t seem right to us.  Let’s Clean Blinds provides a low cost, comprehensive, turnkey business opportunity without exorbitant franchise fees, royalties, complicated contracts or restricted territories.  You, and you alone, keep all the profits of your labor.  What you will get, when you purchase a program, is all the equipment, training and on-going support you need to start and grow your own proven money-making machine.  And nobody but you exercises any control over your business, because it’s just that…YOUR BUSINESS.

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Our Blinds Academy makes you an expert of every aspect of cleaning, repairing, installing, and selling blinds. We teach you all the secrets of the trade in a 3 day training session. Upon completion of our fantastic training course, we will award you our nationally recognized seal of approval and instantly allow you to get clients.


We give you access to our Secret System that allows you to clean a blind in 90 seconds. This includes instructions on how to mix our Secret Washing Formula. This took us years of development until perfecting our formula that keeps shades and blinds dust free and looking amazing.  It's as simple as spray on, wash off.


We supply you with a custom welded trailer. It comes with larger tires, and heavy duty axles. We designed this trailer to make the entire process of cleaning blinds, shutters and shades effortless for all age groups. You pull right up to the building, take the blinds, set them on our custom-built racks and wash away!

You’ll receive with a complete marketing plan. This plan worked for us when we started developing our program and has been tested and proven by hundreds of people just like you. We provide you with brochures, business cards and show you exactly how to obtain clients from day one.

This low competition and high demand industry has less than 800 businesses currently operating in the US, and the demand is truly unlimited. Blinds are everywhere, and it’s amazing that this industry has remained untapped for so long. We’ve been operating in the cleaning industry since 1977, and back then there was no cost-effective way of cleaning blinds. When we invented our system for blind cleaning in 1993, we revolutionized the industry by making it possible to clean blinds in only 90 seconds, making them look like new again.

Let’s Clean Blinds has been in business since 1977, so that’s 40+ years in this industry. We’ve been teaching people to start their own business since 1980. When we say that you can make $400 to $600 every morning Monday through Friday, that isn’t just our highest achievers. It’s every single person using our turnkey business opportunity doing it. So you can trust what you’re reading right now.

And that’s starting from the very first day you’re in business. Our clients average $125 to $135 an hour cleaning and repairing blinds. We start you in the restaurant industry. You’ll be servicing such well-known businesses in your area as Red Lobster, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Houlihan’s, TGI Friday’s and much more!

To show you the effectiveness of our cleaning system… The first restaurant we did was a Red Lobster in Atlanta, Georgia. The blinds there were in such bad shape that the general manager wanted to get new blinds all together, and explicitly told us that she didn’t want to try to clean and repair them. So we measured and gave them a bid that was just short of $6,000. I then offered to take the worst looking blind in the entire store and fix it up for free just to show her what we were capable of. Of course, she agreed. So we took it down, repaired it, cleaned it and hung it back up for her. She was amazed and asked what something like that would cost her. When I told her it would cost about 10% of the cost of purchasing new blinds, she hired us on the spot!

And we’ve been servicing that same restaurant every three months since 1996. She even went and contacted every Red Lobster in the area and by the end of the week we received calls from 27 of them wanting to get their blinds cleaned and repaired, too!

To give you an idea of our cleaning process, we use a Secret Formula that cleans the blinds in just 90 seconds. That’s why we average $125 to $135 an hour, we’re able to get in, do the job quickly, and get off to the next account! Our Secret In-House Cleaning Formula cleans and degreases blinds, making them look like new.

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Yes, you can

YES, YOU CAN – STARTING THE VERY FIRST 30 DAYS IN BUSINESS. Don’t let the years pass you by without taking action in your life.  We can provide all the training and support you need to get your blind cleaning business up and running.

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Learn More About About Owning Your Own Business With Let's Clean Blinds

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